Today, the 10th of April 2022 it’s a day to celebrate… because it’s UEpro’s 25th anniversary! It’s with great proud and joy that we achieve this milestone.

Throughout these years we relish each victory, learnt from every flaw and supported on eachother in the most difficult times, always with the heart in the right place and the mind aligned with the ambition. We always knew, and know where to go, aware that sometimes the path is not always a straight line, but with preseverance, expertise and innovative thinking we manage to make this journey easier.

A story of growth and overcoming is also written together. Without cooperation and share the story can be written but will never possess real content.

It’s this working strenght and union that I cherish so much, that enable us standing together in such a competitive, complex and challenging market.  One’s success doesn’t happen by chance or luck, even less alone. It happens because I have next to me the most capable and talented people that don’t fear to superseed any obstacles and fight to be better everyday.

I extend also my appreciation to those who rely their trust on UEpro and turned this company into a family: suppliers, customers, partners.

We might not know what’s going to happen in the next 25 years (I wish I would) but we are sure we will keep working focused in providing the best and most reliable service to our customers.

Today, the 10th of April 2022 it’s a day to celebrate… because writing this story is a hard task indeed but it is a task that brings joy when we can count on one another.

These congratulations are thus to all of us. Thank you! ❣️