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UEpro prime goal is the continuous satisfaction of the parties’ expectations. UEpro intends to increase its profitability rates to satisfy the Management and all the company employees.

The participation and involvement of the whole team is considered fundamental for the establishment and accomplishment of its targets and goals, continuously improving performance at various levels.

UEpro’s entire conduct is based on the follow principles:

  • Implement and administrate the Quality Management System to promote innovative ideas which can be converted in projects likely to generate value to the Customer;

  • Promote the satisfaction of its employees through improving working conditions and motivation, in order to guarantee their commitment and involvement to the Quality Management System;

  • Promote the quality of the product supplied, keeping a partnership and cooperation with the suppliers for a combined growth, assuring the quality on the service rendered, on delivery times and on the innovation of products;
  • Promote the satisfaction and trust of the customers on the reliability of the proposed solutions, as well as developing new solutions;

  • Guide the decisions by the principles of professional ethics and transparency on internal and external relations;

  • Create strategic alliances with business partners;

  • Fulfill all legal, standard and customer requirements.

The company undertakes to follow the requirements of the Quality Management System,
as the continuous improvement of its efficiency, bearing in mind the risk analysis.

The company guiding strategy lays on the management base lines,
as well as on the identified internal and external factors.

The strategic guiding criteria are revised at the beginning of every year by the Management.

Updated on 20-03-2024


ISO 9001:2015


Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – Henry Ford